Re-Delivered: eCommerce, Logistics, and Final Mile Q4 2021 Insights


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Hurtin' for Merch



An undeniable chill shimmies down your spine, the first note drops, you sing every word as if it was written for you and buy your new wearable receipt to show the world you were there – with your favorite six-string slayer, heart melting hero, any master of music will do - this is concert life. Artists rely heavily on merch sales and for smaller acts it’s their lifeline. Weakened supply chains and inconsistent carriers are staining the artist merch experience. It may be the first year back on the road with live shows, but without a reliable merchandiser and carrier – fans and artists alike are hurtin’ for merch like Billy Ray’s achy breaky heart.


Quick facts: 

  • It was all a dream, used to read word up magazine, in my red and black lumberjack hat to match …until it didn’t show up from FedEx. Once upon a time merch was a cash cow – artists are now forced to hip hop between carriers and merchandisers in search of greener pastures. We hope they get that green too.

  • Bruce Springsteen’s, “Born in the USA” should now be, “Made in the USA.” No, we aren’t kidding. Production is moving stateside, because how else will we get our t-shirts from a US port at the rate things are going? International shipping and added fees = empty merch tables. #notanoption

  • Survival requires creativity, starving artists know this all too well. When you see a concert tee labeled as, “collector’s item,” you just might be buying the idea. Artists are still trying to sell multitudes of merch from canceled pandemic shows and altering the label online to give it that exclusive appeal. Wouldn’t it be great if all unsold products in your final mile warehouses could be labeled as, “collector’s items?”


Put plainly: 

Partnered with a strong supply chain, one merchandiser made $105 million in three months. They won by diversifying their production operations and planning the transportation life cycle from start to finish.



Seeing is Believing



The results from, “Global Voices: Pre-Peak Pulse 2021” consumer survey is in, be sure to write this down. Brand loyalty is boiled down to one common denominator this year – visibility to the final mile journey. We can find our friends and track our kids; shouldn’t we be entitled to track our purchases? Holiday shopping as we know is in full swing, upgrade your technology to avoid major losses this time next year.  


Quick Facts: 

  • Facts are in, blind faith won't cut it. 76% of the 15,000 surveyed ecommerce consumers will not convert without shipping costs and tracking supplied up front. Ouch.
  • Global consumers will have spent $6.3 trillion (about $19,000 per person in the US) by year end – commercialism never sleeps. A shift from in store to online purchases tallied to the tune of $630 billion, creating a lucrative pipeline for final mile shippers. Capacity + drivers mean success for ecommerce customers.

  • Nothing in business is ever actually free – but that don’t cut your L’s quite yet. The value of free shipping is exploding faster than inflation – with nearly 60% of surveyors willing to accept an INCREASE in shipping time, yes you read that right, a longer wait – so long as they get free shipping. Don’t sleep on offering free shipping if you can swing it.


Put plainly

“Meeting customers’ expectations with transparency and clear communication are the key components required for brands to drive more international direct-to-consumer purchases during the critical peak period...”
    -Avillez Oliveira, Chief Commercial Officer, ESW



Be Like the Grinch - Find the Right Partner



  • We know, reading another supply chain chaos article might drive you to lose a little sleep or gain a few more grey hairs. We’ve found the silver lining for you amidst this conundrum. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and we are worried about you. This time of year, is hectic without all of the added happenings in the world, don’t try and handle the entirety of ecommerce distribution with too many outside players. The cost could be a break in the chain nobody can afford.


    Quick Facts: 

    • Can managing too many things at once make you feel trapped in the undertow? Maybe so. Distribution and fulfillment are complex and imminently vital to your ecommerce success. Instead of juggling multiple outside vendors supporting various roles in your current distribution model, consider a solution that offers vertical integration.

    • The ports make Holiday TSA lines look like a breeze – that’s sayin’ something. Last month there were half a million shipping containers off the California coast, jamming up the port. Optimize your operations now to avoid losing trust with ecommerce consumers due to known disruptions that are currently rattling the global supply chain.

    • The best wave of your life is still out there – find it and ride it. Let the logistics and ecommerce shipping experts ride the unpredictable waves of supply chain disruption for you, while you stay focused on core business objectives, managing your stress level in a healthy way.

    Put plainly:

    “The status quo isn’t sustainable — and vertical integration is the best way to futureproof your brand against whatever turmoil lies ahead.”
         -Omair Tariq CEO of


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