The Mystery of Reverse Logistics

Retailers need a final mile partner who understands their challenges to get ahead of returns.

Look around for something that needs to be returned or replaced. Your one item is 1 in 100 million plus items in North America feeding the reverse logistics industry. Reverse logistics continues to mystify consumers and business owners alike as eCommerce continues to grow at exponential speed.

Retailers spent much of 2020 learning the dependencies on their supply chain, and 2021 is no different. In 2020, the eCommerce industry accelerated, but what does this mean for reverse logistics? More returns than ever before, record-breaking replacement claims, and a moment for business owners to see the valuable role final mile providers add to each transaction.

In 2020, 100 million returns were anticipated to be processed, and the number in 2021 will quickly bypass that milestone. The attention that reverse logistics is gaining will only increase, implicating higher demand than transportation and final mile carriers can supply. Were businesses prepared for the surge in eCommerce, and more importantly, now, will they be prepared when the surge of returns halts their business operations?

The answer many major retailers are facing with growing concern is, “no.” They were not prepared for reverse logistics to dictate and drive their business decisions. They needed a final mile partner dedicated to solutioning returns.

Smaller final mile carriers were stretched to the limit. Additionally, many companies that offer return services have only national networks, restricting their ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs. The few final mile carriers with regional networks throughout North America are sought after by the most proactive retailers.

TForce Logistics provides final mile solutions at a regional level for major retailers and small ECommerce businesses alike. Our operational footprint gives an advantage when handling reverse logistics, unlike many other final mile carriers. We are working together with retailers and software platforms to find solutions for the growing reverse logistics business. With a keen understanding of the challenges facing these companies, TForce Logistics is a collaborative final mile provider, leveraging technology and utilizing our existing footprint and capabilities to better the business and the end consumer.

Final mile solutions don’t come easy; they take work and in-depth knowledge of retail, eCommerce, and supply chain operations. There is no question in mind, whether a local business owner or corporate giant, as technology continues to develop, reverse logistics solutions depend upon final mile solutions now and in the future.

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