When diversifying carriers means stability

Capacity restriction from national providers fuels the rise of the regional network to balance and reinforce. TForce Logistics is a regional provider with national coverage.

“A rope of three strands is not easily broken...” Previously eCommerce retailers would partner with a single national network to manage their delivery needs; however, lack of capacity is driving the need to diversify carriers. Now an eCommerce retailer strengthens their coverage by combining a national network with a regional carrier. A multi-carrier strategy provides balance and stability to drive eCommerce service. The trade off, more carriers mean more integrations and more relationships to manage. Retailers who go from one transportation partner to five transportation partners now have five times the complexity using up business resources. That is why eCommerce retailers looking to balance and reinforce their network turn to a regional provider with national coverage.

To get started, an eCommerce retailer diversifying their carrier alliance selects a pocket to slice out. This region should be a population-dense area to ease the shipping pressure on the big national network partner. Good region options include the Northeast, Southeast, Texas, Chicago and Southern California in the US and Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver in Canada.

Your region should have 1 induction point. A single place to connect with your regional provider to reach the entire cityscape. For example, an Ecommerce shipper wanting to partner with a regional provider that offers national scope.

1.     Consumers in the US and Canada shop eCommerce orders

2.     These orders ship into key region induction points including New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver.

3.     From the induction point, TForce Logistics branch locations serve as the hub for the eCommerce distribution footprint.

4.     TForce Logistics makes the next day delivery from the branch directly to the consumer.

When selecting induction points in a region, it is critical the regional provider offers a complete network for the area. For example, the Northeast region should have distribution branches closest to population dense areas. At TForce Logistics, the Northeast region branches include Boston, Hartford, Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey.

With capacity to deliver to more than 80% of the US population and more than 90% of Canada’s population, TForce Logistics offers regional service with national scope for the majority of North America. Partner with providers that complement your service network needs. The goal is to balance and strengthen your eCommerce service by selecting a stable network for deliveries. 

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